Research Methods

Availability of TAs, Mentors, and Instructors

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Select a class from the list below to view a calendar showing instructor, TA, and mentor availability for the RM labs in BME:

Scheduling Process

Your lab mentors and TA will always be able to work with you during your normally scheduled lab time. If you want to work in the lab outside of your normal lab time, there must be a TA or instructor supervising the lab, and you must arrange for one of your class mentors to accompany you.

Check your class calendar to see whether one of your class mentors is available at the time when you want to work. You must email that mentor asking whether he or she can supervise you. (Click on a calendar entry to see the email address.) Your supervision email request must contain the information shown on the Supervision Request Format page. If there is more than one mentor available at the same time, you are welcome to send your request copied to all available mentors to save time.

After you send your supervision request, the mentor will let you know whether he or she will be available to help you. Most mentors have listed all of their available times, but can only work a maximum number of hours per week. If they have already agreed to supervise that number of hours, they can help no one else, regardless of whether the calendar says that they are available. If too many people are already booked to work at that time, then your mentor may try to enlist another mentor to come to help.

The mentor will contact the TA on duty in the lab at that time to ask if there is enough room in the lab for you to be allowed to work there. You do not contact the TA; the mentor will let you know whether or not your requested time is approved.